Workplace Safety Training

Safety is everybody’s responsibility and it is not purely restricted to personnel but embraces all aspects of manufacturing or construction equipment and material use. Therefore, workplace safety training important for all organisation.

Besides considering the welfare of all personnel, the awareness of safety will be the basics of orientation that each employee will be acquainted with when beginning work in related business.

Ultimategoal of any safety system is to ensure safe working environment for employee. Completely Check Completely Find Out (CCCF) introduce by Toyota is the methodology that can be implemented to achieve zero accident in the workplace and better working environmentfor all!


This Workplace Safety Training aims …To provide OSH awareness to all participants to ensure theirunderstandof the importance of being safe at workplace.Toprovide knowledge of OSH Act 1994, Sect. 15, Employer duties & Sect 24, Employee duties.To provide methodology on how safety at the workplace can be managed using Completely Check Completely Find Out (CCCF) system.

Workplace Safety (Part 1)Benefits & Objectives of Implementing S&H program OSH Law BackgroundEmployee & Employer ResponsibilityEffectiveness Safety Policy and Safety CommitteeCompletely Check Completely Find Out (CCCF)Unsafe Act and Unsafe ConditionGroup Activity : Hazard Identification and DiscussionGroup Activity : Presentation of Hazard IdentificationGroup Activity : Stop 6 and Hazard Ranking Wrap up

Workplace Safety (Part 2)Review Previous TopicGroup Activity : Stop 6 and Hazard RankingGroup Activity : Presentation of Stop 6 and Hazard Ranking Rank A MapGroup Activity : Hazard ControlGroup Activity : Presentation of Hazard ControlSafety Work Sheet (SWS) How to sustain the safety OSHA 18001 – Hazard Identification Risk Assessment & Risk ControlInternal Safety Audit & Inspection ChecklistComparison Between CCCF and OSHA 18001Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)Wrap up