Value Stream Mapping Training

Looking for Value Stream Mapping Training? This is a step by step guide to creating a current state value stream map, the first step in working towards your ideal state value stream and a truly lean system.

Value Stream Mapping is a visual roadmap that shows all activities that are currently required to transform raw material and information into a finished product and service. It used as a KAIZEN tool to visualise and understand the current JIT level (Lead Time) so that MUDA (waste) can be identified and tackled easily by KAIZEN, and move the manufacturing process towards progressively higher efficiencies.

Program Objectives

At the end of Value Stream Mapping Training , participants should be able to:

•Understand the 7 deadly wastes that leading to costly business environment

•Understand the methodology of mapping of Current and Future State VSM

•Understand the fundamental principles and methodology of Lean Manufacturing

•Utilize VSM in the workplace for problem-solving and analysis


Seminars, group exercise, discussion, brainstorming, video show, actual worksite study, etc…

Target Audience

Any interested party who keen to seek perfection by continuous improvement i.e. Production, Quality Assurance, Engineering, Planning, Logistic, etc…

Duration, Cost & Venue

No. of days: 2 days

Course duration: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Cost (in-house training): Please contact us for further info.

Venue: TBA

Program Outline

Day 1

Overview of Lean Production System

• Review the Seven Wastes (MUDA) that made costly manufacturing environment

• Reduce cost to maximize profit

• Review Lean Structure which are Just-In-Time and Jidoka implemented by TOYOTA

Current-State Value Stream Mapping

•Definition and function of Value Stream Mapping

•Key stages in creating Value Stream Mapping

•The way to understand current manufacturing condition

-Sales order information

-Delivery logistic

-Delivery preparation method (collection)

-FG storage method

-Production instruction method

-WIP, lead time & supply method

•Symbols for Value Stream Mapping

•Develop current state Value Stream Mapping


-Mapping of current-state Value Stream Mapping

-Group presentation and discussion

 Day 2

Future-State Value Stream Mapping

•Introduction of Kaizen methods (how to do Kaizen?

-Time and motion study

-Workload balancing

-Standard work

-Shipping Management

-Push versus pull system

-Production leveling

-SMED (Single minute exchange of die)


•Develop future-state VSM

•Develop action plan to realize future-state VSM


-Mapping of future-state VSM

-Group presentation and discussion

•Introduction of Material & Information Flow Chart (MIFC) – Toyota way of VSM

•Wrap up