Kaizen Standardize of Work Training

Kaizen and Standardized Work Training is one of the most powerful but least used lean tools. By documenting the current best practice, standardized work forms the baseline for kaizen or continuous improvement.

Work standardization is the standardization of work, focused on the motion of man, to produce most effectively by combining the work of man and machine. No good result can be expected in terms of quality, productivity, cost and safety, when each person is working arbitrarily in their own way.

This program aimed to guide through participant the methodology of work standardization through Kaizen (Kaizen of standardized work).

At the end of Kaizen and Standardized Work Training , participants should be able to:

Understand the basic methodology of work standardization

Carry out time and motion study

Visualize work load through work balancing methodology

Able to compile work standard as per Kaizen methodology

Day 1

Ø Time & Motion Study

Important points during time study

Basic method & requirements

Study worksheet & calculations

Workshop (carry out the time study analysis)

Ø Line Balancing

• Visualize workload by Yamazumi Chartagainst Takt Time

• Workshop (visualize operator workload by using Yamazumi chart)

Ø Capacity Sheet

• Visualize process capacity

• Compilation method

• Workshop (visualize the process capacity by using capacity sheet)

Day 2

Ø Work Combination Table

• Visualize the combination of motion of operator and machine

• Compilation method

Workshop (convert the time study analysis data to work combination table)

Ø Standardized Work Chart

• Visualize scope of work of operator

• Three elements of standardized work

• Compilation method

• Workshop (to create standardized work)

Ø Guideline for Kaizen

• Approach to Kaizen thru Standardized Work

• Problem searching map

• Basic principles of motion economy and key points